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MacBook Services and Repair

Have a cracked screen on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

No problem!  Bring it in and one of our trained technicians will check out all the aspects of your MacBook.  We will find the best screen replacement available, and give you a quote while you are at the shop. If you agree with the quote, we will collect payment, place the order for your replacement part and will give you a call as soon as the part arrives (typically about 4-7 business days)

Have a water damaged MacBook?

Please bring it in for a specialized water damage treatment as soon as possible after the water exposure has occurred (please refrain from attempting to turn on or charge your laptop).  Please note that we do NOT recommend using rice to dry the computer, as it may not be quick enough to prevent corrosion. 

Within 8-24 hours we should be able to provide a full analysis, and let you know, whether your computer will work again or not.  If not, we will provide you with further service options. 

Making all your systems work together.

If you have a MacBook Air, an Apple iPad Air, or an iPhone, let us assist you with getting them to all sync up.  Email, contacts, and calendars can be synced to all of your devices. 

iMac or MacBook Hardware Repairs or Upgrades.

Is your Mac running slow?


Regain the performance you expect from your computer by letting us upgrade your hardware to the latest Mac OS X available for your iMac or MacBook Pro.

Need a new hard drive? Or more memory RAM? We can help with that, too!  

Mac System Maintenance and optimization

If your computer, laptop or desktop is down, your business is down. We offer the solutions you need to keep you up and running.